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 Styxer in the action

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PostSubject: Styxer in the action    Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:24 pm

[17:17] Sty?????eR*****: hi man
[17:17] v a l e r a: im in war
[17:17] v a l e r a: later
[17:17] Sty?????eR*****: ok
[17:18] Sty?????eR*****: later accept
[17:18] Sty?????eR*****: one second
[17:18] v a l e r a: what
[17:39] Sty?????eR*****: i send u 3 swat4 files
[17:39] v a l e r a: why
[17:39] v a l e r a: S:
[17:39] Sty?????eR*****: u end match
[17:39] Sty?????eR*****: exit swat
[17:39] Sty?????eR*****: and accept my 3files
[17:40] Sty?????eR*****: i send u 3swat files
[17:40] Sty?????eR*****: ini files
[17:40] v a l e r a: u mad ?=
[17:41] v a l e r a: why i accept ?
[17:41] v a l e r a: S.
[17:43] v a l e r a: gtfo

what a idiot
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Styxer in the action
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